Light & Soul (Michael Alchemy)
Light & Soul (Michael Alchemy)
About Michael Lamb: Excerpts from an interview with Michael Lamb.


Michael Lamb is a true seeker, a creator, magician, alchemist a spiritual shaman on journey, a dynamic ball of evolving creative energy who loves joy and fun.

Michael is a constant change and that’s what will never change! that is his constancy.

In the city, Michael Lamb is a very approchable and understanding father for Elisha, a friend for many and a valuable teacher for many like the ones who wrote testimonials.
You are such a source of knowledge, how did you become this amazing creation?

"Curiosity! I am curious. I am curious about life, death, and every thing around and in between. As I told you before; I am a true seeker."
Where do you get all this wonderful energy from?

"I get it from been me, just me. Be in me.

I love life, I get energy in my gratitude, gratitude is powerful energy source."

Light & Soul (Michael Alchemy)

You seems to own a considerable quality of sharing all this knowledge you have, why?

"I want to help, guide, give wisdom."
Is this your purpose?

"Yes, that is my purpose and to achieve it I use teaching, enlightening, Experiencing, Expressing Enriching, evoling."

Not only you share but you share it with loving energy, you care for those around you, where did you learn love from?

"It was given me by people, I just give it back. Love is everywhere in nature; in Universal nature as well as in Human nature. Once I realize that, I got an excess of love which I enjoy to give further. I have been observing, studying people, life and people’s life This has given me this incredible love to express."

I have been witnessing and experiencing that as you give love with A-ttention, with In-Tension you create some abundance of love IN your own being as love OF your being and TO all other being around you and all the life forces around you. What drives you?

"Love, Passion, Vision, Willpower."

I know you have plenty of dreams, what is your favorite or priority dream in this very moment?

"Making time to create thousands of dreams!"

The world is in transformation, what is your prognostic?

"A new world! The first one was created by God, this new world will be created in a "team work” between God and Human this, I believe will be wonderful again. "

Do you believe any body can change any thing? What do you personally do to contribute with world changes?
"I am my own change and every one can help the good change."
How do you see yourself in 20 years?

"Still teaching, loving, dancing."

And in 60 years?

"I will then have my wings back and will be watching over you, or maybe my fish tail will grow back and I’will be king of seaworld again, or maybe I will chose to be the beautiful dragon and live in the world of the 256 mountains."
Michael Lamb, thank you for this interview and these encouraging words.
"Thank YOU so much, it has been a real pleasure to be answering your questions.
May the Universe bless you and all of your readers."

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