Light & Soul (Michael Alchemy)
Light & Soul (Michael Alchemy)
By Michael Lamb
The origins of Alchemy, according to esoteric writers, was an invention of the ancient Atlantean and Eqyptian sage Thoth Hermes Trismegistus known as the father of Alchemy, or Thoth – the thrice born. Alchemists are referred to as the sons of Hermes or Hermetics. The Greeks referred to Hermes as the messenger of the Gods.
Light & Soul (Michael Alchemy)
Alchemy is the combination of astronomy and astrology, science and spirituality. The solar system is like a giant molecule as planets move, they change the chemical and energy structure of life on Earth through electric and magnetic forces, i.e. the moon controls the tides of every sea, ocean, river, creek and stream on this entire planet, including the 75% liquid that your physical body is comprised of. The water elements relates to the feminine aspect – magnetic energy. The Sun creates the growth of plants through photosynthesis and chlorophyll . Every blade of grass that you’ve walked on, every fruit and vegetable that you have eaten, the massive trees and all the trillions of plants in the world can only grow because of the sun. This is solar electric energy to the masculine aspect.
Light & Soul (Michael Alchemy)
Alchemy is energy from everything, meaning you can sense, feel and take energy from everything around you and use it to increase your awareness and vice, versa. You can give energy back to educate and heal. It is the transmutation of lead into gold, this being a metaphor for changing heavy, dense, negative emotional thoughts and feelings into positive enlightened, energized thoughts and feelings so that you become a being of golden light in tune with Solar, Lunar radiance. A Sun being. Moods change our chemistry and material emotions distort reality. Thoughts create emotions, emotions create action then action creates reality. Your whole being has emotional triggers, which can be influenced by just going shopping, or working with difficult people thereby upsetting our nervous system. When you balance your thoughts and emotions you take control.
In this new millennium, the building of Alchemy and Sorcery formulas will be a very important part of people seeking to strengthen and understand their spiritual and cultural pathway.
Building Alchemy formulas will energize and enlighten you, to give you confidence within the levels and spheres of the astral, mental, material and physical worlds. It will help increase the development of clairvoyance, clairaudience and all other higher senses. This will give you the edge in your career. For example, when you have had a bad feeling about some people, your soul is picking up their negative emotions and you will feel it through the solar plexus or throat.
Using your mind when emotionally balanced, we have a very powerful tool, we can place basic commands and alter our physical, mental and emotional being. Through simple yet effective meditation, we can change our course base emotions into golden light of spirituality. We can also learn commands to remove negative thought forms from our homes, send healing to friends and loved ones, and protect our vehicles when driving so no harm will come to us, or any other human or animal. As you think, therefore you are, and the more clarity of though you have the more reality you achieve.

Alchemy is an amplifier for what you wish to achieve, through using ancient knowledge of colour and sound combined with focus, visualization and meditation to build the basis for future success. Basic spells for everyday life, for example when you are having a shower – command as you wash that you are cleansing, healing and strengthening, revitalizing and purifying your physical, mental and emotional bodies. Literally see energy in your hands removing dirt, static energy and negative vibrations all over your body, heal it, know it and love it. While in the shower, it is also a good time to stretch as you clean from the tips of your toes to all over your back. Wash and condition your hair and massage deeply into the scalp, feel and sense the action taking place, it’s the same as when you clean your home, don’t just clean it physically, it is also a good time to cleanse your home within all level using commands or elemental spells. Literally see solar winds blowing through your home, taking away all destructive thoughts. Or visualize the most pure waters of creation literally washing through your entire home, cleansing it of all negative emotional thoughts and vibrations.

Light & Soul (Michael Alchemy)

Focus, visualization and meditation are the three key aspects, the triad of energy to become the master of self. During this journey, you will learn to:

• Balance your emotions
• Self Control (will power)
• Focus & Increased awareness
• Healing oneself and others
• Energize yourself

Through universal healing and cosmic alchemy, colour and sound. The sonics of the mind, body and soul. Colour and sound are the vibratory knowledge of the ancients. The break down of words, sentences and phrases to create spells and enchantments. It was not only by faith, but the faith of Ones Heart, Knowledge, Wisdom and Divine connection to ALL things that the walls of Jerricho came down, through the Kabbalistic action of colour, sound, vibration, shape & number.

This ancient art and secret knowledge is being re-taught through alchemy.

First and foremost, colours affect our emotions,& thoughts (our Soul emotional body & Mental Mind} producing an immediate response which is relatively short-lived, but the more the colours affect us and the more we consciously use them, they will influence our whole being.

Colour Healing therapy is nothing new; however, knowing the colour is only the first step on the road to enlightenment. Colour and sound vibrations affect our daily lives and can be used in healing, for protection and for creating health, wealth & Spiritual growth.

Our bodies are of the Earth, however our spirit is of the Stars. We consist of:
  • Physical Body
  • Mental Body
  • Astral or Soul Body
  • Etheric Body
  • Spirit Body (Spark of God)

Our soul body is our emotional body. The soul body holds your karma from past lives.

Command is the first Alchemy spell a student learns. A basic morning command is:
  • I will balance and harmoize with the people I work with.

This will be effective, however it can be increased three fold by visualizing a colour and a specific sound. Such as using vowel sounds, either internally or chanted so that the harmonics or overtones can be heard. This will have a profound effect on the overall strength of the spell.

Through practice, these spells will become a natural part of your being. Then slowly through keys of knowledge, you will understand and master your physical body, mental body and astral (soul) body and be a more attunded vessel for the healing of self and others.

Alchemy & the Platonic Solids

The Chinese-doll-like nesting of the 5 Platonic Solids is the Key to Atomic Structure and Alchemy. The platonic solids can be held when meditating to increase the vibration, clear the mind and enhance your clarity of thought.

• Tetrahedron – Fire
Inspires thought and understanding
Light & Soul (Michael Alchemy)

• Cube – Earth
Will ground you when feeling off balance
Light & Soul (Michael Alchemy)

• Octahedron – Air
Will help during study, creates high mindedness,
Good for working with computers and other technical tasks
Light & Soul (Michael Alchemy)

• Icosahedron – Water
Love, happiness, family
Light & Soul (Michael Alchemy)
New Cell

• Dodecahedron- Universal
Relates to the pentagram and protection
Light & Soul (Michael Alchemy)

Michael Lamb studied for ten years at The School of Inner Knowledge, understanding and teaching the Hermetic Kabbalah, working with colour & sound, the elements and healing techniques. He has had his own radio show on Planet Radio called Elemental Vibrations and has been featured on various other radio stations such as Triple M, ABC and 4BC. In 2002 he toured through the UK visiting sacred spiritual sites such as Glastonbury & Avebury while researching a documentary on Dragons. He is currently on Bay FM 99.9 every Sunday morning from 7am. Please tune in and listen.

Thank You Wishing you peace on your journey.

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