Light & Soul (Michael Alchemy)
Light & Soul (Michael Alchemy)
Personal Consultations with Michael:
Michael is available for personal & group sessions, in person or via the internet.
The simplest way to explain the benefits of these sessions is through the words of one of the many students & clients who have experienced it.
"Things start to happen when you study with Michael.
Itís hard to put it into words.
  • Your life changes.
  • You experience synchronicity.
  • Pieces of the puzzle fall into place.
  • Your reality changes and Expecting the unexpected becomes normal.
Thank you Michael for being a wonderful teacher.
He is truly a wizard."

Love and respect

Costing Engineer

Light & Soul (Michael Alchemy)
Light & Soul (Michael Alchemy)
" The purpose of my teachings is to unravel the mystery of ascension through hidden Truth. The training is for you to gain maximum benefit & to leave each session overflowing with abundant love, knowledge & live force energy which you can apply in your everyday life . "
Michael Lamb

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